Definition of right-hand drive in English:

right-hand drive


mass noun
  • 1A motor-vehicle steering system with the steering wheel and other controls fitted on the right side, designed for use in countries where vehicles drive on the left side of the road.

    ‘the cost of right-hand drive’
    as modifier ‘right-hand drive models’
    • ‘Motor manufacturers have huffed and puffed about transport costs, exchange rates, the expense of right-hand drive models and so on.’
    • ‘Viewed on a system cost basis, by-wire is less expensive because an automaker can do left- or right-hand drive vehicles without reengineering.’
    • ‘He said the expanded auto shop was geared for the new C-Class contract and it would make no difference whether it was for a left- or right-hand drive as the bodies of the model were the same.’
    • ‘Growing numbers of UK car buyers are importing right-hand drive vehicles directly from continental Europe, with P&O last week unveiling plans to deliver cars bought overseas direct to consumers' doors.’
    • ‘It is just as stylish and appealing, and early next month, the first right-hand drive models will start to arrive in showrooms here.’
    • ‘He visited the Netherlands once and expressed his surprise that despite the 350-year occupation, Indonesia, like Britain, uses right-hand drive vehicles, while the Netherlands uses the opposite.’
    • ‘And it means that you can move from right-hand drive to left-hand drive without having to make great changes to the car.’
    • ‘Launched this month, the new models are available in a limited number of left-hand drive versions, with the right-hand drive model on sale from September.’
    • ‘Production of UK right-hand drive versions begins begins in September.’
    • ‘Chris Hall, vice president, Europe, of international valuers and auctioneers Dovebid, which is advising the liquidators, said the car was unusual because it was unregistered and right-hand drive.’
    • ‘According to the draft, Beijing will ban imports of used cars and used car parts and restrict the entry of right-hand drive vehicles to those used for research aimed at boosting exports.’
    • ‘If it had been right-hand drive it would have cost thousands of pounds more.’
    • ‘And consumers trying to take advantage of cheaper prices beyond their own country still face long delivery times and hefty supplements, including hundreds of pounds for right-hand drive versions.’
    • ‘As we are all aware this has been difficult in the past due to supply quotas, deliberate order delays, right-hand drive supplements and many other reasons that were allowed to flourish under the old system.’
    • ‘The Silver Arrow is the truly exclusive model of the range, and as Mercedes will only be making 100 right-hand drive models, the chief exec will have to move quickly.’
    • ‘He said the new model, which was confirmed for the plant here at the end of July this year, would be for domestic and export markets and would include left- and right-hand drive models.’
    • ‘Since late last year, Smart cars with right-hand drive have been available here, imported through Mercedes-Benz Ireland, in a linkup with Smart in Britain.’
    • ‘For the first time, Audi is introducing a diesel option for its A4-based cabriolet in right-hand drive form.’
    • ‘Vehicle production lines now have to cater for both left- and right-hand drive vehicles.’
    • ‘Maserati has confirmed that right-hand drive examples of its 400 bhp 170 mph luxury Quattroporte saloon will arrive here from the spring next year.’
    1. 1.1count noun A vehicle with right-hand drive steering.
      ‘Sue has a right-hand drive’
      • ‘Well, the fact is that this one is in the USA and it is also a right-hand drive!’
      • ‘His car being a right-hand drive meant we were right beside each other.’


right-hand drive