Definition of right-click in English:



  • Select an item in a graphical user interface by pressing the right-hand button of a mouse.

    no object ‘right-click on My Network Places and select Properties’
    with object ‘right-click a graphic and choose 'Resize'’
    • ‘To change the default operation, included icons, themes and so on, right-click on the panel and select Configurator (this also can be done by right-clicking the system tray icon).’
    • ‘I have to first click on Ignore all before right-clicking the word again to copy it to the Windows clipboard.’
    • ‘Go to the Desktop, right-click My Computer and select Properties’
    • ‘When the opening of a game catches your eye, you can right-click the board and click ‘add to repertoire.’’
    • ‘You can see the list of devices by right-clicking the ‘My Computer’ icon, selecting Properties, and click the Device Manager tab.’
    • ‘If you have just one mail identity, then in Explorer's left pane, right-click the Outlook Express folder, and select Copy.’
    • ‘Now, the auto-hide menus that popped up above the player are off by default and can be accessed by right-clicking the top of the player.’
    • ‘To generate WSDL files, first right-click the WSDL Documents folder and select New WSDL Document.’
    • ‘Thereafter, any time a Save As or Open dialog appears, right-click the question mark (?) help button found in the top-right corner of the dialog and a list of file and folder paths will pop up.’
    • ‘To do so, right-click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop, and choose Empty Recycle Bin.’
    • ‘To access Device Manager, right-click My Computer and select Properties.’
    • ‘As it stands now, you have to right-click the folder and then choose ‘delete.’’
    • ‘Go to My Computer, right-click the C drive, select Properties, and then go to the Tools tab, and select Check Now.’
    • ‘If you're not sure which format your hard drive uses, open My Computer, right-click the drive's icon, select Properties, and look to the right of ‘File system’.’
    • ‘Menus for these objects can once again be found by right-clicking their icons.’
    • ‘Once the desktop appears, Go into Device Manager (by right-clicking My Computer, and then select Properties), scroll to the CD ROM devices, and remove every entry.’
    • ‘To run the utility, double-click on My Computer, right-click the hard disk on which you want to free space and then click Properties.’
    • ‘When the download completes, right-click the new folder on the Desktop and click Find.’