Definition of riggish in English:



  • Lustful or sexually unrestrained (typically used of a woman).

    • ‘'If I'm riggish, you're priggish,' retorted Polly.’
    • ‘The wanton gesticulations of a Virgin in a wild assembly of Gallants, warmed with wine could be no other then riggish, and unmaidenly.’
    • ‘Even a riggish French noblewoman could hardly throw a glamour of romance over so prosaic an interest as the Franco-American trade in fish-oil and salt cod.’
    • ‘The landlady happened to be the most riggish female in the Duchy of Milan.’
    • ‘A riggish bachelor invites a sweet young thing to his apartment.’
    licentious, sexually indiscriminate, immoral, unchaste, debauched, dissolute, dissipated, profligate, of easy virtue, fast
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Late 16th century: perhaps from dialect rig ‘imperfectly castrated animal’ (associated with wild behaviour).