Definition of rifling in English:



mass noun
  • The arrangement of spiral grooves on the inside of a rifle barrel.

    ‘he could clearly see the rifling of the bore’
    • ‘With the Stoney Point tool we determined it would be impossible to seat these short 40 gr. bullets anywhere near the rifling in either rifle.’
    • ‘In their six grooves, Colerain barrels feature round bottom rifling that holds less fowling; square bottomed grooves reportedly retain more fowling.’
    • ‘There's no rifling in the barrel, and you call it a rifle?’
    • ‘I would have bet that the conventional rifling of the Douglas barrel would have been more accurate.’
    • ‘To rectify the problem, the Enfield form of rifling based on five grooves and lands is introduced, so the last of the British military Martinis are called Martini-Enfields.’
    • ‘S & Ws gain-twist rifling should help conventionally constructed bullets, and reduce throat wear.’
    • ‘The Foster slugs have very shallow rifling and since these slugs obturate in shotgun bores, most of these grooves are ironed out in the process.’
    • ‘Another method of barrel rifling is rotary-hammer forging.’
    • ‘The barrel can be rifled and this rifling causes the projectile to spin, increasing its accuracy.’
    • ‘Inspection of the bore revealed the near absence of rifling.’
    • ‘Because of its greater technological complexity and problems of scale, it took longer for the advantages of rifling, then breech-loading, and then rapid firing to be applied to artillery.’
    • ‘One type is a round chrome moly steel liner that is button rifled to produce an ultra-smooth bore with uniform rifling.’
    • ‘The new tapering projectiles could be directed with greater accuracy when rifling was introduced in artillery barrels.’
    • ‘This is interesting as this type of rifling generally yields poor results with cast lead-alloy bullets unless they are gas-checked or very hard.’
    • ‘The foremost portion of this auxiliary chamber incorporates many small rifling grooves to just stabilize the bullet before it engages the bore.’
    • ‘All were loaded with the bullet seated .010-inch off the rifling, in Winchester cases with CCI large rifle magnum primers.’
    • ‘The rifling of the barrel is polygonal with a 1: 19 twist.’
    • ‘There is some conventional wisdom that says, for varmint rifles, simply seat the bullet to touch the rifling.’
    • ‘Its rifling was so shallow it wouldn't accurately shoot lead alloy bullets, although I must admit it would shoot jacketed ones OK.’
    • ‘All guns still have the mirror-smooth polygonal rifling that produces such fine accuracy with jacketed bullets.’