Definition of riffage in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Guitar riffs, especially in rock music.

    • ‘Tempo changes flow gracefully from one to the next, and bright, angular guitar lines are balanced with genuine fist-pumping moments of distortion and riffage.’
    • ‘The sound was close to being great all night but never quite clearing up enough to accentuate the brutality of the riffage permeating from the stage.’
    • ‘Behind the Hot Springs ' sweet hooks and sing-song melodies is a punk heartbeat, an intensity embedded in their serrated riffage and Webber's sexy snarl.’
    • ‘On the record and live, Jon's vocals are almost unintelligible through guitarist Jared Burke Eglington's extreme riffage.’
    • ‘"Smile," the lead single, showcases the band at their pop best, with the heavy guitar riffage layered in for good measure.’
    • ‘Girly vocals and madwoman warbling sit side by side in three-part harmonies, while clean hooks and serious riffage carry the tunes along with an easy urgency.’
    • ‘Tons of muscular riffage, hand-clapping breakdowns and infectious hooks.’
    • ‘The band's sense of revolution is diluted in Green Day-punk riffage.’
    • ‘Your reaction to their sound, which ranges from modern-rock immediacy to the grand guitar theatrics and reverberating vocals of old, depends on your tolerance for excess riffage.’
    • ‘Hence, Thieves and Poets: a ballet score in which John McLaughlin surrounds his machine-gun acoustic riffage with impressionistic bursts of orchestral colour.’
    • ‘Most of the record is fast, somewhat furious and filled with enough riffage to make any gearhead drool.’
    • ‘Later songs like "Innocent" and "Whatever" still have the guitar riffage but experiment more in empathy.’
    • ‘I have it on good authority that the band's previous effort, To Bury Within the Sound, was even more soporific owing to the lack of heavy riffage.’
    • ‘Initially a funkified machine of organ-led riffage, it melts into an acid-fried kaleidoscope of intense colored, chaotic noise.’
    • ‘Lots of 70's-style rock riffage were a feature of the concert.’
    • ‘With expert musicianship tucked up their sleeves, the Illuminati don't let the prog bog down the boogie and just let the riffage do all the talking.’
    • ‘Equal parts Swedish harmonics and American riffage, the band continue to incorporate keyboards that share the spotlight with blazing guitars and synthesizer solos.’
    • ‘With the screamo, the manic guitar riffage and the pseudo-intellectual lyrics, Horace Pinker have followed this tried-and-true formula to a tee.’
    • ‘The only time they don't go for sheer heads-down assault riffage is on the folksy secret track.’