Definition of riel in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Cambodia, equal to 100 sen.

    • ‘If convicted, the five suspects, including one from Taiwan, face jail terms of between 10 and 20 years and fines of up to 50 million riel, a deputy prosecutor said.’
    • ‘As the currency, the riel, wobbles against the dollar and businesses temporarily scale back investment, the election campaign is shaping up to be dirtier than, if not as bloody as, previous years.’
    • ‘The basis of the economy continues to be rice agriculture, and much of the population farms at a subsistence level, linked by a relatively undeveloped market system for rice, fruits, and vegetables, and using the riel for currency.’
    • ‘They replied that for a day's work on a fruit farm, they can make 5,000 riels - but for a wild pig caught from the forest, whose flesh is a delicacy, they can get 30,000 riels.’
    • ‘I still had Cambodian riels in my wallet, so I said to my buddy, there's a letter coming to you with number 5 on the back with Cambodian riels in it (3500 riels, which was worth nothing).’