Definition of rider in English:



  • 1A person who is riding or who can ride a horse, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

    ‘two riders approached the cottage’
    ‘she was a skilled rider’
    • ‘Indeed, Armstrong is not the only rider to have suffered difficult moments during what has been acknowledged as one of the toughest modern Tours.’
    • ‘Adkins later noted that the top fifty rodeo riders make roughly a half a million dollars a year nowadays.’
    • ‘American Zabriskie had been the first rider to wear the yellow jersey this year but lost it in the team time-trial when he fell and sustained several injuries.’
    • ‘Christopher had dreams of becoming a professional motorbike rider and had been riding since the age of five.’
    • ‘After that, you just have to concentrate on getting past the rider in front.’
    • ‘They should therefore be worn by riders of all ages.’
    • ‘Elsewhere there are places where thoughtless mountain bike and motorbike riders have churned up paths.’
    • ‘Motorcyclists did acrobatic tricks like bareback horse riders of old.’
    • ‘He is into motorbikes and is going to be a professional dirt bike rider.’
    • ‘The shop provided saddles, boots, and other riding equipment for riders at south Florida racetracks.’
    • ‘When the horse rider had passed by, Clyde relaxed and they stepped into the street.’
    • ‘How does it feel to know you will go to race against the world's best young riders?’
    • ‘The rider will require a provisional licence but must also have taken the Compulsory Basic Training test.’
    • ‘Former mountain bike rider Miguel Martinez provided the only real positive with his occasional mountain forays.’
    • ‘Watson, however, was pleased with his effort as he was the only rider to give Cook a run for his money over roads he knows well.’
    • ‘As he intended, he is once again the best young rider in the race.’
    • ‘Down below he could see a rider galloping away from the town and towards the mountains in the distance.’
    • ‘Elaine Castillo was the leading apprentice rider with 62 victories, good enough for tenth overall in the jockey standings.’
    • ‘Yet many street riders don't even wear helmets.’
    • ‘Reece now wants to develop his riding and hopes to become a top dressage rider.’
    horseman, horsewoman, horse rider, jockey
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  • 2A condition or proviso added to something already agreed.

    ‘one rider to the deal—if the hurricane heads north, we run for shelter’
    • ‘He'd get the money alright, but with a few small riders attached.’
    • ‘However, one option for lawmakers whose bills do not go through the committee process is to attach them as riders to other legislation.’
    • ‘She attached a rider to a bill, which would have withheld money the department needed to implement the regulation.’
    • ‘So it needs to be read with the usual rider that young teenagers, for various reasons, don't always tell the whole truth and nothing but.’
    • ‘As a rider to this overview of the role of music in this story, however, I want to suggest an adjustment of perspective.’
    • ‘Let's not attach riders with our favorite untested opinions to our theses; it weakens our position.’
    • ‘Once again, isn't it worth asking why these types of appropriation bill riders are allowed?’
    • ‘Yet there is a rider to this that cannot be ignored.’
    • ‘A few years ago the US introduced a pernicious rider to their new telecommunications legislation.’
    • ‘With an environmental rider to the 1999 budget, they succeeded: the date was bumped four years to 2005.’
    • ‘The rider called the Dorgan Amendment would have made it illegal for the U.S. to spend money enforcing the travel ban.’
    • ‘Just as a rider to that, policing operations, in their widest context, normally can go on for years.’
    • ‘Senator Murkowski has already proposed a rider to this effect on the appropriations bill for funding the war.’
    • ‘Now a rider attached to a recent EPA appropriations bill could cause further delay.’
    • ‘In 1998, for example, Leahy attached a rider to a bill designating Vermont's Lake Champlain one of the Great Lakes.’
    • ‘So if need be, yes, there could be a rider on their appropriation bill that no money should be expended by the FCC to administer the Powell rule.’
    • ‘There is a rider to that, which is ‘and to help them be the best that they can be’.’
    • ‘Some of your Republican colleagues want to attach some amendments, what they call riders.’
    • ‘Insurance companies can now charge a maximum of 30 per cent of the premium of the main product for all riders attached to any policy.’
    conditions, qualifications, provisions, provisos, caveats, stipulations, riders, contingencies, prerequisites, limitations, limits, constraints, restrictions, reservations, requirements, obligations
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    1. 2.1British An addition or amendment to a bill at its third reading.
      supplement, appendage, adjunct, addendum, add-on, extra, accompaniment, extension
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    2. 2.2British A recommendation or comment added by the jury to a judicial verdict.
      ‘a rider was also added: the question of liability was dependent upon the purpose of the disclosure’
      • ‘The committee was forced to add a number of riders to this verdict, however.’
      • ‘At his inquest the jury added a rider to its verdict urging further research into Roaccutane and its side-effects.’
      • ‘No evidence was called on their behalf, and when convicting the jury added this rider.’
      • ‘A rider handed in by the jury indicated a failing of the prison service in its duty of care to the deceased, which rider the coroner refused to append to the inquisition.’
      advice, counsel, guidance, direction, exhortation, enjoinder, advocacy
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    3. 2.3 A supplementary clause in a performer's contract specifying food, drink, etc., to be provided.
      • ‘It was much better to eat at the hotel and bung it on room service than suffer backstage food which was so rank that within the next decade bands wised up and put riders in their contracts specifying what they wanted.’
      • ‘His rider states that before every performance the promoter must provide a physician to inject him with a Vitamin B12 shot.’
      • ‘What sort of stygian rider clauses did the Air contract contain?’
      • ‘Diet Coke is asked for, by name, in contract riders from a wide variety of artists, ranging from Michael W. Smith to Nine Inch Nails.’
      afterword, postscript, ps, coda, codicil, appendix, tailpiece, supplement, addendum, postlude, back matter
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  • 3A small weight positioned on the beam of a balance for fine adjustment.


Late Old English rīdere ‘mounted warrior, knight’ (see ride, -er).