Definition of ride to hounds in English:

ride to hounds


  • Go fox-hunting on horseback.

    • ‘Hunters will ride to hounds for years without seeing a fox, much less seeing it caught.’
    • ‘Last week around 400,000 people from rural England and Wales descended on London to protest the government's stand on riding to hounds.’
    • ‘She hunts because she enjoys riding to hounds, not because she enjoys watching animals get killed.’
    • ‘He is a stout defender of all field sports, and likes to shoot and to fish, yet he doesn't ride to hounds, partly because he can't stand what he calls the insufferable social life which surrounds fox-hunting.’
    • ‘But we do expect that if you cannot ride to hounds to hunt the fox, then the drag hunt in its present form is an acceptable alternative.’
    • ‘Scotland's ban on fox hunting came into force more than two years ago - but on Saturday mornings it is still possible to see hunters riding to hounds in fields and lanes across the country.’
    • ‘Kyle Jones unearths the real expense involved in riding to hounds.’
    • ‘He writes about the camp black dandy who partnered one of his fellow Tory MPs to a Conservative function in his constituency and circulated among Parris's constituents asking if they rode to hounds.’
    • ‘The majority of activists who actually ride to hounds are relatively affluent members of society.’