Definition of ride something out in English:

ride something out

phrasal verb

  • Come safely through a dangerous or difficult situation.

    ‘the fleet had ridden out the storm’
    • ‘In New Jersey, they learned how to ride out a thunderstorm and what to do when the anchor dragged, besides pray.’
    • ‘The book opens with a metaphor of ships at sea, a small sailing craft that rides out a storm, and a great supertanker crushed by twenty-five meter waves and gale winds.’
    • ‘We tell clients that you will get times like this and you have to ride them out.’
    • ‘As you mature, you learn to ride out the low tides and enjoy the high ones.’
    • ‘Chirac seems determined to ride this problem out.’
    • ‘He added that, ‘Though there may well be a rocky road ahead the South East is well positioned to ride it out.’’
    • ‘But, you know, people think you can ride these things out.’
    • ‘You always hear the stories of people that say, I'm macho and tough enough, I'm going to ride this thing out.’
    • ‘A diving team from Endurance helped rig a second anchor, and the combined efforts of the three ships ensured the yacht rode out the storm safely.’
    • ‘So here I am, riding it out, having been nearly in tears twice today, once over an advert on the tube and once because of something someone said.’
    resist, hold out against, stand firm against, hold one's ground against, stand one's ground against, bear up against, hold the line against, persevere in the face of, stand up to, fight, combat, grapple with, oppose, face, confront, defy, brave
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