Definition of ride on in English:

ride on

phrasal verb

  • Depend on.

    ‘there is a great deal of money riding on the results of these studies’
    • ‘It wasn't like his life depended on it but there was a lot riding on this trip.’
    • ‘It is good the knock-out system is gone, the knowledge that all those months of preparation are riding on one afternoon.’
    • ‘And Parkes is fully aware of what's riding on the outcome of the next eight games as Rovers battle for Premiership survival.’
    • ‘To judge from the English media, you could be forgiven for thinking that the future of a kingdom is riding on Beckham's leg.’
    • ‘Just two to go and there are three skins riding on this again!’
    • ‘So there is a lot riding on Fisher's industrial-baroque design.’
    • ‘British director David Mackenzie has great hopes riding on him for his new film, Young Adam, at the Cannes film festival next week.’
    • ‘So much rode on his store's success, and here it was bleeding money in big river of red.’
    • ‘And for years it was true that our economy rode on the sheep's back.’
    • ‘Billions in profits are riding on the success or failure of such drugs, as are the hopes of millions of sufferers from various diseases.’