Definition of riddim in English:



  • ‘dancehall riddims’
    non-standard spelling of rhythm
    • ‘For the 10th anniversary, they've released a double-CD featuring dancehall party riddims padded with rootsy and sometimes mushy down-tempo numbers.’
    • ‘Lightweight Heavy does the same again, conjuring up a certain sound summed up neatly in the title that balances butch, punchy riddims with summery vibes and simple structures that seem multi-dimensional.’
    • ‘This month, I'll give you a basic understanding of some of these punky riddims.’
    • ‘Well things really aren't as bleak as they might seem: the first thing you need to do to get a rapper's delight of mixes and riddims is to unplug the mic.’
    • ‘The title track is one of the album's obvious successes - an exploratory freeform affair created via an intriguing collision of Wesseltoftian improvisation and Garnier's accomplished riddims.’
    • ‘The easiest way to spot a dancehall riddim is by it's wicked wicked lyrics.’
    • ‘Specifically, Yanks have come to count on their rap anthems to have easy-flowing verses, a milky R & B hook and riddims built for the dance floor.’
    • ‘In addition, I catch up on the latest Bajan music and now that Crop Over is around the corner, I'm getting the latest riddims.’
    • ‘The words are simple yet profound, and when backed by rolling reggae riddims, intricate harmonies, and masterfully constructed instrumentation, they gain even more meaning and power.’
    • ‘They're hoping the streak continues with the release of Reloaded, which surrounds the groups' edgy lyrics with some newer sounds - reggae and dancehall riddims are all over the new record.’
    • ‘For example live we have the opportunity to use a lot of stuff that we wouldn't want to put on a record, like taking other people's vocal tracks to lace over our riddims and things like this.’
    • ‘Tracks like ‘Last Standing Soldier’ and ‘Mr. Officer’ show you why he's praised for bringing reggae dancehall riddims and style to hip-hop.’
    • ‘Add to that a penchant for Jamaican riddims and dub production and you've got an incongruous amalgam that works amazingly well.’
    • ‘Reggae riddims are also present in the cyberpunk tale ‘Nightmare City.’’
    • ‘Eleven cuts display a keyboard-laden potpourri of Afro-Latin and Brazilian riddims that have been fuelling dance floors worldwide.’
    • ‘‘Dancehall reggae is not just about the killer riddims; people the world over love the way we speak,’ the artist has said.’
    • ‘We just wanna have tight riddims and really good MCs.’
    • ‘The now 18-year-old burst onto the scene last year and already has big riddims in her back catalogue.’
    • ‘Venture, who is in his early 30s, said the idea to produce the song came after his desire to use one of Super Cat's riddims.’
    • ‘Fortunately, Wiley makes scavenger beats that walk trails of icy keyboard, carrying a sack full of video game sounds, dancehall riddims, and garage time signatures in his quest for the dance floor.’


Representing a Jamaican pronunciation.