Definition of riches in English:


plural noun

  • 1Material wealth.

    ‘riches beyond their wildest dreams’
    • ‘This proves the point that wealth is not as good as work, nor riches as good as earnings.’
    • ‘He has achieved it without sponsorship, riches or public acclaim.’
    • ‘But though the conquests brought riches, they also brought grave problems.’
    • ‘But it remains to be seen whether or not Khan will be able to resist the lure of riches for long enough to win his gold medal in three and a half years time.’
    • ‘But whatever this is, it is not an example of riches earned by writing.’
    • ‘He had only £2.75 in his pocket but now he has riches beyond his wildest dreams.’
    • ‘He did so driven by passion rather than dreams of fortune and riches.’
    • ‘It does not bring riches in the immediate present, but it does bring wealth in the future.’
    • ‘He also needs the money, for the glamour and riches of, say, Formula One or even the upper echelons of bike racing, are beyond him.’
    • ‘Materialistic types can turn the page because there are no riches awaiting the winner.’
    • ‘His status as a friend of royalty undoubtedly earned him great wealth, riches and national prominence.’
    • ‘The public saw this as a chance to join in the capitalist race for riches, but the scheme collapsed taking the savings of the gullible with it.’
    • ‘More than ever, it seems, we need proof that material riches can't buy love and contentment.’
    • ‘Together they have added to their riches by investing in property.’
    • ‘A record number in the list made their riches from land and property, up five from the previous year.’
    • ‘Setting up your own business is one of the best ways to get started on the road to riches and you don't have to be a Richard Branson-type either.’
    • ‘Imagine going out to dinner with a charming man who promises you riches and glory beyond your wildest dreams.’
    • ‘Many frittered away their riches or became entangled in wealth-sapping legal disputes.’
    • ‘Someone in your position is unlikely to have hundreds of thousands to invest, so the road to riches will be a long one.’
    • ‘His skills have brought him adulation and riches beyond belief.’
    money, wealth, finance, finances, funds, cash, hard cash, lucre, filthy lucre, wherewithal, means, assets, liquid assets, capital, resources, reserves, deep pockets
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    1. 1.1 Valuable or abundant resources.
      ‘the riches of the world's waters’
      ‘the riches of the Serbian oral tradition’
      • ‘This chapter has dealt exclusively with Durkheim's first masterpiece, but it has not done justice to all its riches.’
      • ‘Niger Delta residents are among the poorest in Nigeria, despite the riches pumped from their soil.’
      • ‘Or is it one of those juicily promising titles that holds out the prospect of bizarre riches only to offer mediocrity?’
      • ‘So we have come to cash this check - a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.’
      • ‘Solid, intelligent performances all round, and a very good start to a project that promises more riches and insights to come.’
      • ‘I can gaze at Mexico City which has pulled in the riches of Mexico's interior, both in people and customs.’
      • ‘Perhaps these countries realize that because they also have natural riches they will be the USA's next target.’
      • ‘And I have no doubt that my father was singing of his experiences that night - of all the riches life held for him.’
      • ‘They realised that land further away might also have riches in them that would make Rome even more wealthy.’
      • ‘Meanwhile the Europeans continue to benefit from the riches of Africa while claiming to be providing aid.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, for all its riches Apocalypse Now was fundamentally flawed by its resolution.’
      • ‘Sign up to Gary Price's excellent ResourceShelf to look at the riches available to you beyond Google.’
      • ‘Common to all the entries is the author's delight in the riches of our surviving heritage.’
      • ‘Yet the only real hope for the Sahrawis may now be the foreign oil companies competing to exploit the riches off the Atlantic seaboard.’
      • ‘This hypothesis contradicts the view that people fight to secure control over environmental riches.’
      • ‘Elsewhere in his team he has an abundance of footballing riches at his disposal.’
      • ‘These spiritual blessings form a substantial part of Christ's riches.’
      • ‘He won a sizeable chunk of India, the land whose riches had triggered Europe's Age of Exploration.’
      • ‘All of these masterpieces are in the same - first - room, so you can imagine the riches of the total exhibition.’
      • ‘Pages xx to xxii of the Prologue provide an overview of the wealth of riches to follow.’
      resources, treasure, treasures, bounty, jewels, gems, valuables, masterpieces, pride, cornucopia
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Middle English: variant (later interpreted as a plural form) of archaic richesse, from Old French richeise (from riche ‘rich’).