Definition of rhythmicity in English:



mass noun
  • Rhythmical quality or character.

    ‘the nursery rhymes' rhythmicity makes them easy to learn’
    • ‘Circadian rhythmicity in regulation of endogenous physiological processes is a characteristic feature of eukaryotic organisms.’
    • ‘One benefit applies to all the mind and body therapies, whether active or passive: A stillness, quietness, or rhythmicity helps create a flow, a centering effect, and a sense of calm.’
    • ‘As a result of these characteristics, melatonin has been used by vertebrates to regulate biological rhythmicity and acts as a ‘chemical messenger of darkness’.’
    • ‘The SCN has long been implicated in the circadian rhythmicity of wheel running, and the High-Runner mice display a shorter free-running circadian period than Control mice under both constant light and constant dark.’
    • ‘This link between habituation of acute cardiovascular responses and relatively rapid (yet gradual) normalization of heart rate rhythmicity suggests that mice adapt to adverse social conditions.’
    fluidity, flow, smoothness, effortlessness, ease, naturalness
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