Definition of rhynchosaur in English:



  • A tusked herbivorous reptile of the Triassic period.

    Order Rhynchosauria, subclass Diapsida

    • ‘The wide diversity of large aetosaurs suggests that they have taken over the role of big herbivore vacated by the trilophosaurs, rhynchosaurs, and dicynodonts with their disappearance from the region at the end of the Carnian.’
    • ‘This group includes a bizarre assemblage of predominantly Triassic forms, such as trilophosaurids, rhynchosaurs, and protorosaurians.’
    • ‘At that time, rhynchosaurs, for example, were thought to be part of the ‘Lepidosauria,’ which encompassed some basal Diapsida as well as Lepidosauriformes.’
    • ‘Although rhynchosaurs are not usually abundant in these strata, their presence refutes Romer's assertion that rhynchosaurs indicate a Middle Triassic age.’
    • ‘The upper and the lower jaws were certainly covered with horny beaks in life, like the beak in turtles and, it can be assumed, in the Triassic rhynchosaurs.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin Rhynchosaurus (genus name), from Greek rhunkos ‘snout’ + sauros ‘lizard’.