Definition of rhomboideus in English:



  • A muscle connecting the shoulder blade to the vertebrae.

    • ‘A slip at the level of rhomboideus minor, named rhomboideus minimus, extends from the scapula to thoracic or lower cervical vertebral spines.’
    • ‘Muscles acting on the scapula in this section include serratus anterior, rhomboideus minor, rhomboideus major, trapezius, and deltoid.’
    • ‘The slip from the inferior angle of the scapula has sometimes provided fasciculi that are directly continuous with the fibers of rhomboideus major.’
    • ‘This is a back view on left side, showing slips of levator scapulae to serratus anterior and rhomboideus minor.’
    • ‘In another report, splenius colli accessorius or rhomboaxoides was found arising from the fascia of rhomboideus minor and serratus posterior inferior.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from rhomboideus (musculus) (see rhomboid).