Definition of rhomboid in English:



  • Having or resembling the shape of a rhombus.

    ‘a rhomboid prism’
    • ‘So anyway, after a couple of hours of rain, and occasional rectangular and rhomboid flashes of blue and orange, I'm here once again.’
    • ‘Then, at the back, a rhomboid skeleton on a thin mast is a radar reflector, to ensure that the mostly wooden Fenella Ann would give a nice strong echo on any other ship's radar set.’
    • ‘The dorsal and anal fins of the longnose gar are located far back on the body, which is encased in a heavy armor of interlocking, rhomboid, ganoid scales.’
    • ‘‘Big Willie’ was rhomboid in shape and had guns mounted in blisters on the sides of the hull.’
    • ‘The commonest shapes are triangular or a long, low rhomboid shape although ‘parabolic’ and ‘hog's back’ are also quite common.’
    • ‘A grid of rhomboid forms, like windows in a high-rise, tilts and careens to the upper right of the 12-foot expanse of Lost Highway, as though rushing away.’
    • ‘As with all of the basal families, the scales are rhomboid and covered with cosmine.’
    • ‘Erythematous candidiasis, presenting as a median rhomboid glossitis, is common in patients with immune defects’
    • ‘The four, irregular rhomboid canvases of Kelly's Blue Black Red Green gracefully fill one 45-foot wall.’
    • ‘Historically, the heavy rhomboid scales of the gar were often used by local Indians for arrow points, ornaments, and other instruments.’
    • ‘One classic puzzle, for example, starts with six coins packed tightly together in a rhomboid formation, made up of two nestled rows of three coins each.’
    • ‘Each leads dorsally to a rhomboid sinus between the basioccipital and exoccipital, which also communicates with the posterior ramus of the median canal.’
    • ‘The 12m x 12m plot tapered towards the rear and was made up of a series of terraces, subdivided into rhomboid shaped beds.’
    • ‘Convex, flat and concave rhomboid units clad the building's distinctive dia-grid structure to produce remarkable visual effects.’
    • ‘This rhomboid shaped muscle arises from the lateral epicondyle of the humerus and supinator crest of the ulna, winds laterally around the radius, and inserts on its palmer surface.’
    • ‘The rhomboid shape of the crystals was confirmed in thick sections and by electron microscopy.’
    • ‘Both have an odd, conical body form with a rhomboid tail.’
    • ‘Orchids, however, have all possible tetrad types: linear, decussate, square, tetrahedral, rhomboid and T-shaped are all reported, e.g. in Calanthe discolor which has a soft pollinium.’
    • ‘Another hypothesis was that wind forces at ‘hot spots,’ which resulted from the rhomboid shape of the tower, caused overstressing of the glass.’
    • ‘The eastern face is further distinguished by the presence of a knotted rhomboid pattern that is unique among the conjunction of epigraphic bands delineating the geometric panels of the minaret.’


  • 1A parallelogram in which adjacent sides are unequal.

    • ‘At age four I was in grade Prep at South Caulfield Primary school differentiating between circles, triangles and rhomboids, as well as tethering the big world of toilet training (I was a year younger than most of my contemporaries).’
    • ‘They are pleomorphic and are most typically rhomboid shaped, although long or short rods and small squares are also seen.’
    • ‘I was about to start drawing rhomboids and then stabbing the sharp part of the compass through the paper.’
    • ‘In fact there is ample evidence that Euclid is using earlier textbooks as he writes the Elements since he introduces quite a number of definitions which are never used such as that of an oblong, a rhombus, and a rhomboid.’
    • ‘Originally painted as a trompe-l'oeil log cabin, following his debut as scenery artist for a local panto, Dornan's villa was later decorated in colourful rhomboids.’
    • ‘It is an open-face rectangular box with three lattice-work rhomboids suspended inside it, and six lattice-work sticks protruding from it.’
    • ‘Cppd crystals are smaller rods, squares, or rhomboids and are difficult to identify with light microscopy.’
    • ‘These works feature flat surfaces with bold lines that suggest interlocking cubes, rhomboids and other 3-D shapes.’
    • ‘It was parallel and modern and ran level with lines of mountain, it was squares to be bisected and parallelograms and rhomboids.’
    • ‘The spaces between the segmented squares and rhomboids appear as white lines, for example.’
    • ‘This magic blue rhomboid will put you back on track.’
    • ‘Its arrangement of forms - a bulky, white rhomboid with curved sides that is balanced unsteadily on a dark rectangle - at first floats freely as a pure, nonrepresentational abstraction a la Ellsworth Kelly.’
    • ‘Pfizer named its golden goose Viagra and packaged it in a rhomboid, sky-blue pill that became as iconic as the twin arches of a certain burger franchise.’
    • ‘Tortilla chips in the shape of a rhomboid instead of a triangle?’
    • ‘Macfarlane's opening gambit - a clutch of mock-Masonic mystery doors, prismatic shapes and curious cones and rhomboids, is like the start of some kind of spiritual whodunnit.’
    • ‘It is not an easy show: a dozen works on paper, single coloured trapezoids, subtle curves and rhomboids, hung sparely in a stark white interior.’
    • ‘The witness states that she looked carefully at the spheres as they made figure-like shapes in the air, first a rhomboid and then an arrow.’
    • ‘Between the two sat a white, benchlike rhomboid that mimicked the shape of the chamber, creating the effect of one surreally distorted ‘white cube’ within another.’
    • ‘Another visually interesting dessert is the kalamay na ure, which looks like a glowing purple rhomboid, a sweet pasty thing made with purple rice.’
    • ‘While this is a great tool, I'd like for Adobe to reform their Free Transform tool and Free Distort filter into a single tool that allows users to distort objects within a rhomboid (as in Photoshop's Free Transform option).’
  • 2

    another term for rhomboideus
    • ‘The rhomboid and pectoralis minor muscles are strongly involved in this exercise.’
    • ‘The rhomboids are between the shoulder blades and they help in rotation, elevation and retraction of the shoulder blades.’
    • ‘It is the duty of your rhomboids to pull your shoulder blades together and to stabilize your body when the other back muscles are in use.’
    • ‘The rhomboids, deep muscles that run horizontally between your shoulder blades, help stabilize them by keeping them down and together.’
    • ‘They are protected by a virtual fortress of other torso muscle groups, such as lats, rhomboids, erectors and shoulders, and even by such distant arm muscles as biceps, triceps, forearms and hands.’
    • ‘I prefer a shoulder-width overhand grip to thicken the teres major and rhomboid muscles.’
    • ‘The rhomboid lies beneath the trapezius, extending from its attachment on the spine to the scapulae.’
    • ‘Think about the simple action of pulling open your car door: You don't just use your fingers and biceps to perform that little task; you use your back, traps, rhomboids, rear delts, obliques and a whole slew of other muscles all at once.’
    • ‘Some slips passing from the first and second ribs to the vertebral border of the scapula and supplied by the dorsal scapular nerve may be looked upon as belonging to the rhomboid sheet and therefore as variations of those muscles.’
    • ‘When I pull the bar into my upper abdomen, just below my sternum, applying continuous tension without peak contractions, I can feel every muscle in my upper lats, rear deltoids, rhomboids and traps flexing individually.’
    • ‘As for your paddling muscles, there are many ways to target the rhomboid / scapular muscles, the lats, and the shoulders.’
    • ‘At the same time, I try to isolate muscles, working lats, erectors, rhomboids, etc., separately, each with a full range of motion.’
    • ‘Since my objective was to shock my traps and rhomboids into quicker and thicker mass gains, I didn't merely substitute shrug rows for another back exercise; I added it, which means I'm now doing six exercises for back.’
    • ‘‘I prefer to have my clients close their eyes and really feel those lats and rhomboids working,’ says Seabourne.’
    • ‘This exercise targets the rhomboid muscles between your shoulder blades and the rear delts to stabilize your upper back.’
    • ‘Scapular stability collectively involves the trapezius, serratus anterior and rhomboid muscles.’
    • ‘Close-grip work also helps improve posture and body carriage by strengthening the mid-back muscles, rhomboids and erector spinae.’
    • ‘Then he takes his shirt off and all you see is ribcage where lats, rhomboids and middle traps should be.’
    • ‘More advanced women can top off the back workout with seated cable rows (three or four sets of 15-20 reps) to improve posture, further develop the V taper and strengthen the lats and rhomboids.’
    • ‘That's the position at which the lower back muscles optimally pull the rhomboid muscle, which is connected to the lats.’


Late 16th century (as a noun): from French rhomboïde, or via late Latin from Greek rhomboeidēs, from rhombos (see rhombus).