Definition of rhombohedral in English:



  • (chiefly of a crystal) shaped like a rhombohedron.

    • ‘One of our recent projects was to make use of the rhombohedral crystals to construct the electron density profile of the transmembrane pores.’
    • ‘In the gold/pyrite ore, it occurred as sharp, cloudy white rhombohedral crystals to 3 mm in size; tennantite and tetrahedrite were typically crystallized on the calcite.’
    • ‘The calcite formed scalenohedral and rhombohedral crystals on some of the quartz crystal groups.’
    • ‘Small rhombohedral crystals have been reported from the Magnet mine, Tasmania.’
    • ‘Translucent white to gray, tabular rhombohedral crystals with knifelike edges are common.’