Definition of rhodamine in English:



  • Any of a number of synthetic dyes derived from xanthene, used to colour textiles.

    ‘rhodamine B’
    • ‘Fluorescent images were obtained using a rhodamine filter cube.’
    • ‘For each single molecule measurement on a sparsely labeled filament, a rhodamine spot was selected based on colocalization with an actin filament aligned along the x axis.’
    • ‘The beam profile was determined using a rhodamine sample in ethanol.’
    • ‘Typically, researchers can view no more than three colors at once with ordinary fluorescence labeling using proteins, such as green fluorescent protein, or organic dyes, such as rhodamine.’
    • ‘Fluorescent quenching of ethidium bromide and of rhodamine covalently attached to DNA suggested that the DNA within neutral, reverse micelles was condensed.’


Late 19th century: from rhodo- ‘rose-coloured’ + amine.