Definition of rhizoidal in English:



  • See rhizoid

    • ‘Yuan et al. restricted Baculiphyca to those clavate forms with rhizoidal holdfasts and thus differentiated it from Diaoyapolites, which has a globose holdfast according to Chen and Xiao.’
    • ‘Baculiphyca taeniata was considered to differ from D. longiconoidalis on the basis of its rhizoidal rather than globose holdfast; however, the difference in holdfasts is probably preservational.’
    • ‘The spherically symmetrical zygote then selects and elaborates an axis, visibly breaking symmetry by producing a rhizoidal bulge at about 10 h after fertilization.’
    • ‘These include clavate ribbons with a rounded upper end and a somewhat pointed lower end, but devoid of any rhizoidal holdfast structures; such ribbons may be poorly preserved Baculiphyca taeniata.’
    • ‘After harvesting, whole algae were extensively washed with natural seawater to remove any attached sand and the rhizoidal portions were removed to avoid microbial contamination in the following culture.’