Definition of rhizoid in English:



  • A filamentous outgrowth or root hair on the underside of the thallus in some lower plants, especially mosses and liverworts, serving both to anchor the plant and (in terrestrial forms) to conduct water.

    • ‘It is likely that the rhizoids absorb water, but only because almost everything in a moss absorbs water.’
    • ‘The other end manifests an array of long, filamentous rhizoids that have the appearance, and apparently serve the same function, as root hairs.’
    • ‘We know that the plant forms structures called rhizoids that could produce new growth.’
    • ‘We defined above-ground biomass (standing crop) of mosses as the loose individual stems of mosses above the network of roots, rhizomes and rhizoids of the organic turf.’
    • ‘The majority of apical fragments from these plots appeared to be in a state of ‘suspended activity’ as they retained their original color but failed to produce rhizoids or sprouts.’