Definition of rhinoceros beetle in English:

rhinoceros beetle


  • A very large mainly tropical beetle, the male of which has a curved horn extending from the head and typically another from the thorax. In some parts of Asia males are put to fight as a spectator sport.

    • ‘The North Mekeo villages of Nganga and Pitoli throughout this period, however, could grow barely enough areca nut for their own consumption due to an infestation of rhinoceros beetles that killed the palms.’
    • ‘I ate sago worms in Borneo - they're the larvae of rhinoceros beetles, dug out of palm trees.’
    • ‘But when you look at the amount of weight they can lift in proportion to their body size, elephants are wimps compared to rhinoceros beetles.’
    • ‘When the substantially more nourishing bulk of a full-grown rhinoceros beetle lumbers by this week, be sure to reel it in.’
    • ‘When my little sister and I were growing up, we used to collect rhinoceros beetles (the males are the ones with big horns) from around the gas compressor engines - they would fly in at night and get stuck in the oil.’
    • ‘They learn very early, for instance, that fireflies, rhinoceros beetles, and other creatures appear and then die during a limited period of the year.’
    • ‘Perhaps a different son-in-law might have described her as a senseless, whining, nagging, leather-faced old whitlow, not fit to cohabit with a rhinoceros beetle.’
    • ‘I recently interviewed a rhinoceros beetle breeder, Akahane-San, who lives in the town of Takato on the island of Honshu.’