Definition of rheumatoid in English:



  • Relating to, affected by, or resembling rheumatism.

    ‘rheumatoid disease’
    ‘a rheumatoid joint’
    • ‘Up to 60% of patients surveyed admitted the side effects of traditional medication for rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis were often worse than the symptoms.’
    • ‘In 1977 my affliction was formally labeled a form of juvenile rheumatoid crippling arthritis.’
    • ‘Extremely high titers are associated with the presence of rheumatoid nodules.’
    • ‘She had a restrictive defect later shown to be caused by a rheumatoid lung.’
    • ‘As her severely rheumatoid hands are useless, an adequate range of movement in just one of her knees means that she can still get out of the chair without help.’