Definition of rheological in English:



  • See rheology

    • ‘In comparison with rheological and theoretical studies on viscoelasticity of actin gels, the properties of orientational ordering of actin have been less studied, both theoretically and experimentally.’
    • ‘After the stochastic cytoskeletal detachment event, the tether was found to extend according to a viscous shear-thinning rheological power-law model.’
    • ‘In one case, the relationship between the force and the displacement was not linear which corresponded to a viscoelastic rheological behaviour.’
    • ‘Low shear viscosity measurements are only very sensitive to both the rheological history of the suspension and viscometer geometry only for a strong deformable red cells aggregation.’
    • ‘Because it is a rheological boundary, and rheological properties depend, inter alia, on strain rate, the thickness also depends on strain rate.’