Definition of rez in English:


(also res)


North American
  • usually in singular A North American Indian reservation or reserve.

    ‘he is a Navajo who grew up on the rez in Ganado’
    • ‘But despite all of this - or perhaps because of it - basketball is played on the rez and played very well.’
    • ‘We have oil on our land and casinos, but on the Rez back home, most people who get money don't do anything with it.’
    • ‘More than escapism, it provides youth with a sense of belonging and camaraderie, a means of achieving some sort of victory, an opportunity to explore life off the rez.’
    • ‘Real Indian humor is something in your community or your home, and the funniest people are maybe your uncle, or a cab driver, or someone on the rez.’
    • ‘Ian lived here in Missoula for a few years while he did his research on his book, The Rez - about Indian reservation life (perhaps one of the few natural resources still remaining in this state).’
    • ‘Father Stone drove the twenty miles from the nearest off-rez town, eastward on the spruce- and swamp-lined two-lane county road that dead-ended at the rez.’
    • ‘When I visit the rez, I am an outsider ... so I get treated with some suspicion.’
    • ‘The day before my last at the res, I got to do a traditional sweat.’
    • ‘It's hard to imagine reservation life if you've never been to a rez yourself, and images from films like Smoke Signals only provide snapshots of places thousands of young Native Californians call home.’


Late 19th century: abbreviation of reservation.