Definition of rewash in English:



[with object]
  • Wash (something) again.

    ‘the slides were then rewashed in saline’
    • ‘Peggy antagonises Pat by taking her clean sheets to the launderette to be rewashed.’
    • ‘‘I find my terrace covered in smog - it's so bad I sometimes have to rewash my laundry,’ El-Sheikh complained.’
    • ‘And so on Sunday night as he rewashed the dishes, I sat banished on the big armchair pretending to watch TV but really just staring at him.’
    • ‘The colors and the print's painted look in these silver gelatin (black and white) papers is a result of normal darkroom printing: exposure, developer bath, fixing, wash, toning and rewashing.’
    • ‘On the nights before she steps out, Dr. O'Donoghue likes to rewash her face and reapply makeup.’
    • ‘With organic lavender water and red clover, the mist refreshes hair after a workout so you don't have to rewash it.’
    • ‘Industry sources claim that disposable diapers require less energy than rewashing reusable diapers.’
    • ‘The gel pieces were rewashed twice for >1 hr in 500 l of 0.1 M ammonium bicarbonate in 50% acetonitrile.’
    • ‘If a bottle does not meet inspection, it is recycled or rewashed.’
    • ‘If the rewashing thing doesn't work, steam is definitely the answer for reshaping wool, so if you do ever invest in an iron, make sure it can get a good cloud up.’
    • ‘‘You just keep rewashing and it can last you up to 10 years,’ said Shimmin.’
    • ‘This was followed by a 5-min rewash in 50% (v/v) ethanol after which the gels were allowed to destain overnight in 1 M KCl solution at 10°C and photographed.’
    • ‘We rewashed dressings: If they were very dirty, we burned them, but the parts that weren't touching skin we redressed.’
    • ‘It appears that all is fixed and now we have damp, smelly clothes to rewash and a damp, smelly room to sleep in until everything dries out.’
    • ‘After rewashing, the primary antibody was applied for 1 hour.’
    • ‘Grace chugged the rest of her drink and rewashed her cup.’
    • ‘Sonia rewashes most of their clothes that have a mildewed smell and hangs them to dry in the sun.’
    • ‘Sarah's time was too precious to be rewashing clothes, and in an instant she decided to put them away for her.’
    • ‘I always rewashed the filmy blender when I arrived the next morning.’
    • ‘I have to rewash about fifty percent of the dishes, and the ones I kept are not good and clean either.’