Definition of revote in English:



  • A second or repeated vote.

    • ‘Wednesday's settlement between the two camps and the vote in parliament pave the way for a revote that most observers believe will be won by Yushchenko.’
    • ‘The forced revote highlights the treacherous role of the UFCW bureaucracy, which systematically isolated the four-month grocery strike before it was defeated.’
    • ‘Conflicts continue between the opposing camps following the decision by the Ukraine Supreme Court to annul the disputed result of the presidential election of November 21 and order a revote on December 26.’
    • ‘The first vote - a tie - was an embarrassment for Sharon, who forced a revote in which 13 ministers voted in favor and 9 against.’
    • ‘After Gregoire's certification, the GOP launched a major court challenge to Gregoire's election and at one point demanded a statewide revote.’
    • ‘Justices have thrown out the nominal victory of the sitting prime minister and now called for a revote, a revote that will happen December 26.’
    • ‘Postelection lawsuits filed by local lawyers challenging the butterfly ballot - and calling for a revote - fizzled.’
    • ‘But by ordering a revote - and presenting no evidence that it had, in fact, been inundated with complaints - the International undermined the local leadership.’
    • ‘And when the issue of civil unions was raised, the law was quietly passed and the voters demanded that there be a revote because so few people knew that that initial vote was taking place.’
    • ‘Well, the European parliament weighed in today on the Ukrainian election mess, joining the opposition's calls for a revote and rebuking the Russian president, who today called a new vote pointless.’
    • ‘But, with respect to the last vote and the revote on it, I believe that was correctly done.’
    • ‘After initial threats to hold a revote - which almost certainly would have gone against the company - all three unions seized upon the change at the top as justification for confirming their acceptance of the earlier ratification vote.’
    • ‘Keough insisted that Rossi's single-mindedness in pursuing a gubernatorial revote has not harmed his future political career in the eyes of the state's voters.’
    • ‘‘A revote would be the best solution for the people of our state, and would give us a legitimate governorship,’ his letter said.’
    • ‘Finally, the Clerk involves voters in facilitating not only recounts and redundant checks but revotes as well.’
    • ‘The company agreed to hold a revote later this year.’
    • ‘Thailand has a new election commission with powers to disqualify poll cheats and call revotes.’
    • ‘Under Thailand's new electoral laws, the commission has sweeping powers to order a revote if it suspects vote buying or fraud has taken place.’
    • ‘They will also support calls for the event to be rotated by continent and challenge the composition of Fifa's executive, a third of whom are from Europe, but had not yet decided whether to call for a revote for the 2006 event, Jordaan told AFP.’
    • ‘Such a revote would be unprecedented in US history.’