Definition of revolving credit in English:

revolving credit


mass noun
  • Credit that is automatically renewed as debts are paid off.

    ‘banks are not allowed to provide revolving credit on their charge cards’
    count noun ‘it is not a straight loan but a revolving credit’
    • ‘Next Apr. 1, Birmingham's $270 million revolving credit line comes due, along with $26 million in principal payments on other debt.’
    • ‘There is no more money available under the company's $325 million committed revolving credit bank facility.’
    • ‘Morgan's biggest hit in Hollywood may well be the $1 billion revolving credit it granted DreamWorks in 1992, along with financing for a Gulfstream IV for the studio's execs.’
    • ‘And about 40% of non-real-estate consumer debt is revolving credit, much of which has adjustable rates.’
    • ‘In this way, spendthrift borrowers are prevented from abusing the service and falling into the trap of revolving credit.’
    • ‘Consumers increased revolving credit, which consists primarily of credit card debt, by $5.6 billion in July, a 9% increase at an annualized rate.’
    • ‘Delinquencies on revolving credit have also dropped to a low level, and even late payments on bank cards, which have the highest ratio in this group, have edged down over the past year.’
    • ‘And if it needs more cash, it has $600 million in revolving credit as well as coal mines and other noncore assets it can unload.’
    • ‘Nordea Bank Norge and DnB NOR Bank are the lead arrangers for the credit facilities which include revolving credit of US $500 million, Star Cruises said.’
    • ‘Remember, though, if you are going to have debt of any kind - car loans, revolving credit, whatever - you probably want to secure it with your home.’
    • ‘The company's revolving credit facility from its banks is fully utilised and the cost of its bank debt has increased significantly since Elan was downgraded to junk.’
    • ‘As the once-gentlemanly business of providing revolving credit lines evolved into a sharp-elbowed competition to provide investment banking services, Chase embraced the new aggressive tactics.’
    • ‘The housing boom has played a significant part in this, as many mortgages are being financed using the revolving credit system, which relies on credit card spending and daily interest rates.’
    • ‘Proceeds from the stock offering are expected to be used to repay outstanding debt under Wheeling-Pitt's revolving credit facility.’
    • ‘He didn't expect long-term damage, but the flood of cancellations that followed the attacks would hurt cash flow for several quarters and put Hilton in danger of breaching covenants on its loans and revolving credit facilities.’
    • ‘Crave also announced today a new $58 million credit facility with GE Capital Corporation, offering the game publisher both revolving credit for capital needs as well as refinancing existing debt.’
    • ‘High outstanding debt on credit cards and other revolving credit can decrease your score.’
    • ‘Yet some say it's best to leave a small balance on your revolving credit card debt.’
    • ‘The financing includes NT $4 billion in revolving credit and a NT $6 billion guarantee to back sales of commercial paper.’
    • ‘A financier may take a mortgage or charge over receivables as security for a loan or for revolving credit such as an overdraft.’