Definition of revolutionize in English:


(British revolutionise)


[with object]
  • Change (something) radically or fundamentally.

    ‘this fabulous new theory will revolutionize the whole of science’
    • ‘Also, they revolutionized the whole concept of politics, relaxing its ties with society and religion.’
    • ‘Peter invented the modern women's stretch denim jeans in 1978, revolutionizing women's profiles by fitting the jeans around feminine thighs and bottoms, combining style and comfort.’
    • ‘The fact is that the X Prize has spawned a new part of the aerospace industry that may yet revolutionize the whole sector.’
    • ‘Therefore, concentrating efforts on the cinema, making breakthroughs and following up success in all areas of art and literature is the basic principle that we must adhere to in revolutionizing art and literature.’
    • ‘Yet from about 1500, mercantile capitalism began revolutionizing European societies, as expressed by the scientific and commercial spirit of the Renaissance.’
    • ‘These information systems and advancing high-speed digital data transmission are already revolutionizing the operations of geological surveys; the exploration of ever-deeper parts of the crust is a good example.’
    • ‘Unless this festival is showcasing a very diverse range of plays, or this theatre is revolutionizing their festival through non-traditional casting, there is no way that my play would even be considered.’
    • ‘Han was not writing for people who don't understand the Suzhou dialect, and he was totally not interested in revolutionizing the regional literature or re-vitalizing a national literature.’
    • ‘Just as the Internet has revolutionised life at home and work it is also transforming the way lessons are delivered in schools.’
    • ‘Both McGuinty and Valeri said the government investments are needed to ensure that the local work force can be trained to handle new technologies that are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.’
    • ‘Similarly, the digital technology is revolutionizing our perception of the world.’
    • ‘Intensive irrigation would reshape arid lands and revolutionize rural life.’
    • ‘Information released recently seems to suggest that India's telecommunications sector is witnessing a transformation that is revolutionising the state of domestic connectivity.’
    • ‘It has transformed and revitalized and revolutionized large parts of mathematics.’
    • ‘So maybe Williamsburg, or New York for that matter, is not currently revolutionizing music, but there are some hopeful signs that the energy levels are building as the crest of a New Wave becomes visible on the horizon.’
    • ‘By a strange paradox, we live in a time in which scientific breakthroughs are revolutionizing American medicine, while the system for caring for the majority of the population seems to be breaking down.’
    • ‘When people talk about network technology revolutionizing politics, it's usually in the context of national campaigns: Internet fundraising, political blogs.’
    • ‘The race has been credited with transforming the motor industry in Britain and revolutionising the motor race, which was then in its infancy.’
    • ‘His education reform revolutionised federal control over local schools.’
    • ‘Read on to discover how this radically innovative ‘fuel injection’ training gel is revolutionizing the supplement industry.’
    transform, alter dramatically, transfigure, make far-reaching changes in, shake up, stir up, turn upside down, restructure, reorganize, rejig, reform, recast, reshape, remould, transmute, metamorphose
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