Definition of revivalist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See revivalism

    • ‘Though the prominent synths make Metric a part of the growing pool of hip New Wave revivalists in rock music, fundamentally what they make are straightforward, dancy, hook-filled pop songs that you can't bleach out of your brain.’
    • ‘His body language was all wrong, a mixture of smalltown lawyer and revivalist preacher.’
    • ‘The most revivalist denominations and local churches with strong traditions of lay preaching remained leery of a process which appeared to value learning and credentialism as much as piety and calling.’
    • ‘Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758, achieved greatness as an American preacher-evangelist, principal of a college and revivalist.’
    • ‘Dramatic and romantic, its Irish-speaking population showed a way of life obviously distinctive from that in other corners of this island - a model that proved indispensable to nationalists and cultural revivalists alike.’