Definition of revisit in English:



[with object]
  • 1Come back to or visit again.

    ‘she was anxious to revisit some of her old haunts in Paris’
    • ‘But not before I have revisited Florence and visited Milano and Venice.’
    • ‘We seem to visit and revisit places for the reasons the original inhabitants settled there.’
    • ‘For the addicted, like Shreya, it is a chance to revisit their old friends and make some new ones.’
    • ‘Decades later he revisits his old stamping ground in ‘The Late Great Blackball Bridge Sonnets’, which is his second book of verse.’
    • ‘He started working in a pub, revisiting his father's old gigs, entering talent contests.’
    • ‘It begins with one of your formulaic openings as an empathetic reporter gazes into the harrowed souls of old Diggers revisiting the Kokoda trail.’
    • ‘Looking at old friends and revisiting scenes brought tears to our eyes, fuelled by the excitement of reuniting.’
    • ‘Sitting down, Preia started flipping through the pages, revisiting an old friend.’
    • ‘No ruins, but all my life I've visited and revisited the same city in my dreams.’
    • ‘In fact, at the start of school holidays it stretched to infinity and if it seems a little shorter now, that is only in the same way as a grown-up child revisits the old family home and finds that it has shrunk.’
    • ‘An old flame revisits the hill village and his one encounter with her tells him that it is a hope betrayed.’
    • ‘This is what he would have on the end of his DVD: Jeremy revisits the scenes of old battles and gives us a glimpse of life behind the camera.’
    • ‘Jefferies didn't make the trip north just to revisit old friends in Scotland.’
    • ‘This allows the code to be easier to understand by both someone reading it for the first time and for someone revisiting his or her old code a number of months later.’
    • ‘It got so bad he moved to Cobble Hill, but he's revisiting his old haunts tonight in the interest of psychotherapy.’
    • ‘I eventually decided that he, like me, must also have been revisiting old haunts and play grounds.’
    • ‘However, when a four-strong team revisited the hospital on Monday, they found the situation greatly improved.’
    • ‘India, in particular, was a country he was to visit and revisit many times during his life, and one he greatly loved.’
    • ‘Memories of long forgotten schooldays came flooding back for former pupils revisiting their old primary as part of its centenary celebrations.’
    • ‘It's like revisiting your old grammar school - you look at the water fountain you once stood on tip toes to reach and now is at the middle of your thigh.’
    1. 1.1 Consider (a situation or problem) again or from a different perspective.
      ‘the council will have to revisit the issue at a general meeting this summer’
      • ‘Googling the Haiti war is an interesting exercise, if only to revisit old fault lines.’
      • ‘But his case was revisited eight years later, and he was granted a conditional pardon in December 1923.’
      • ‘I believe there is some merit in revisiting the situation where we actually take all forms of self-defence off people when they go on to an aeroplane.’
      • ‘Yesterday, the defence revisited the issue and tried to get the instruction removed, but Mr Melville did not change his mind.’
      • ‘The film once more revisits the gruesome case of Manson, the madman who led a commune of young people into a series of horrific murders.’
      • ‘Under this pressure the county board revisited the case and handed down a six-month ban.’
      • ‘In this book, Hawking revisits all of the old topics that he discussed and updates them using discoveries that have been made since 1988.’
      • ‘The show offers a fusion of fresh and familiar themes, revisiting old favourites and checking out the latest material.’
      • ‘Earlier, Barbour had revisited another issue that divided the races - the Confederate flag.’
      • ‘It does essentially what it promises to do: revisits a beloved old cop-buddy series, makes fun of the '70s outfits and attitudes, ogles some sexy gals and offers some obligatory car crashes.’
      • ‘Everyone knows how I feel and there's no point revisiting that situation at all.’
      • ‘This should be a very interesting evening for those people who may enjoy revisiting old memories and also for those for whom this era is a forgotten past.’
      • ‘Will there be episodes revisiting past cases to see how those dogs are doing?’
      • ‘In fact, those of us with food and eating stresses, often revisit this problem.’
      • ‘I will be revisiting the flying car issue some more in the future.’
      • ‘This month the issue was revisited by the Legislative Budget Commission and the result was the same.’
      • ‘It's only four years since we had a referendum, and I think a lot more work needs to be done on models and all the rest before the issue is revisited.’
      • ‘The current route was the best available and the company would not be revisiting the issue.’
      • ‘Basic assumptions are having to be revisited, old arguments dredged up, canonical material critically scoured.’
      • ‘Is it enough to revisit the problems of the national parks, simply to say again that all can be resolved?’