Definition of reviler in English:



  • See revile

    • ‘Rig Veda refers to these non-conformists as ‘Devapiyu’, i.e. revilers of Vedic gods.’
    • ‘The well-known cheer, meritorious though it may be, seemed misdirected to rival revilers like myself.’
    • ‘The Scriptures plainly warn professing Christians that ‘the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God… neither fornicators… nor idolaters… nor thieves, nor revilers… shall inherit the kingdom of God’.’
    • ‘These men are represented as mischief-makers and revilers, accusing without just cause, and converting innocence into treason.’
    • ‘Her vague use of the word sin, which includes the sin of the reviler in the previous stanza, allows the audience to participate in the poem by filling in that gap with specific sins.’