Definition of reviewer in English:



  • 1A person who writes critical appraisals of books, plays, films, etc. for publication.

    ‘she's a reviewer for the Los Angeles Times’
    ‘a film reviewer’
    • ‘One reviewer has compared reading Furst to watching Casablanca for the first time.’
    • ‘BBC film got three different reviewers to examine the three Scream movies.’
    • ‘The reviewer would want this book on his bookshelf as a reference on any number of topics.’
    • ‘So, shocking as it may seem, the truth is that some reviewers skip some books.’
    • ‘The reviewer parts company with Malia's view of Russia under communism as a kind of second Red tartar yoke.’
    • ‘I am an author and book reviewer, and my site honors veterans of many wars from many eras.’
    • ‘The only note of caution voiced by one reviewer was whether the film had universal appeal to cinema audiences.’
    • ‘After all, the author you excoriate today might be the reviewer of your book tomorrow.’
    • ‘The leading reviewers have written hundreds of reviews and received tens of thousands of votes.’
    • ‘And as a final comment, I want to make it clear that spitting at book reviewers is not nice.’
    • ‘The general picture is good, according to reviewer Van Smith the system gives a decent sound for the price.’
    • ‘Every year, the Independent on Sunday asks its reviewers to name their books of the year.’
    • ‘In the absence of payment, amateur reviewers write overwhelmingly about topics they love.’
    • ‘Nor is it the intention of this reviewer to compare the translation with those of other equally eminent scholars.’
    • ‘Everyone's a critic, but only reviewers get to broadcast their opinions beyond earshot.’
    • ‘So it was with trepidation that your humble reviewer handed the book to his twelve-year-old sister for her verdict.’
    • ‘The reviewer writes about a silly question asked by a British interviewer.’
    • ‘As one witty film reviewer remarked, most heroes need a cape, but Hellboy needs a hug.’
    • ‘There's hell to pay if moviegoers waste their money on films that a reviewer has acclaimed.’
    • ‘The book includes a review of each play written by a different reviewer after it was performed.’
    critic, commentator, connoisseur, judge, observer, pundit, analyst, arbiter
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  • 2A person who formally assesses something with a view to changing it if necessary.

    ‘a rent reviewer’
    • ‘Using independent external reviewers to scrutinize and audit data helps ensure dependability.’
    • ‘Each issue raised by a general reviewer was formally logged and tracked to resolution.’
    • ‘Any systematic reviewer will point out, however, that this is not the case.’
    • ‘It was an honor to be the fourth reviewer of a manuscript written by someone most of us know.’
    • ‘Both journals could then share the reviewer's reports and one journal's staff could handle the administration.’
    • ‘Don't overwhelm independent technology-assessment reviewers by submitting large volumes of data.’
    • ‘The author would like to thank the Environmental History reviewers for their helpful suggestions in revising this article.’
    • ‘T.G. did some of the face-to-face training during the trial and rated reviewers' reports.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, journals might become more open about the basis upon which they select books and reviewers.’
    • ‘When reviewers' conclusions differed, the study was reviewed jointly by three reviewers.’
    • ‘I thank S. Wang and an anonymous Paleobiology reviewer for their reviews of the manuscript.’
    • ‘Four reviewers then assessed the papers, with each paper being assessed independently by at least two reviewers.’
    • ‘Two reviewers independently assessed each article for eligibility.’
    • ‘As a reviewer, criticise statistical flaws only when you can explain how they specifically detract from the study.’
    • ‘Where disagreements occurred a third reviewer was involved and the majority view taken.’
    • ‘Two reviewers assessed all relevant randomized controlled trials and independently selected trials for inclusion.’
    • ‘Constructive critical comments by reviewers A. Mather and R. Riding are greatly appreciated.’
    • ‘Reports of potentially relevant trials were obtained, and two reviewers assessed each for eligibility.’
    • ‘As a consequence, systematic reviewers tend either to ignore the issue or to devise their own criteria.’
    • ‘The reviewers who have examined this first effort are very pleased with the results.’
    examiner, checker, scrutinizer, scrutineer, investigator, surveyor, assessor, appraiser, analyst
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