Definition of revest in English:



  • 1More generally: to clothe, apparel, attire (literal and figurative).

  • 2with object (refl.). To clothe oneself again.

  • 3no object To dress oneself again. rare.

  • 4To place, settle, or secure (something, as a right, entitlement, property) in the possession of a person or persons, especially for a second or further time; to cause to be vested in someone again.

  • 5To reinvest with authority, ownership, office, right, or entitlement; to reinstate with (also †in, †into) something. Now rare.

  • 6no object To be or become reinvested (in a person).


  • with object (Chiefly in pass.). = "revet".


Middle English (in an earlier sense). From Anglo-Norman revestier, revester, revestre, Anglo-Norman and Old French, Middle French, French † revestir (now revêtir) to clothe (a person), to array (a priest, monk, or other cleric) in ecclesiastical vestments or clerical habit, to put on (a garment), to dress (a person) again, to assume, take the form of (something), to assume (a quality or character), (of a right, property, etc.) to become established (in a person) again, to invest or endow (a person) with (a right, property, etc.) and its etymon post-classical Latin revestire to cover or adorn as if with clothing (early 3rd cent. in Tertullian), to put on again, to clothe again, to reinvest, repossess from classical Latin re- + vestīre to clothe<br>late 17th century. Variant of revet, influenced by French † revestir, and also by vest.