Definition of reverberatory furnace in English:

reverberatory furnace


  • A furnace in which the roof and walls are heated by flames and radiate heat on to material in the centre of the furnace.

    • ‘In the late seventeenth century, the ‘reverberatory furnace’ offered a solution in the copper industry.’
    • ‘Smelting was commenced in 1871 and the next year three reverberatory furnaces were operating with Mr. Jones in charge.’
    • ‘The major smelting processes to recycle lead scrap involve the use of blast furnaces, short rotary furnaces, long rotary kilns, reverberatory furnaces, electric furnaces, and top-blown rotary furnaces.’
    • ‘Capable of holding 30,000 pounds of scrap, it swivels to deliver its output to either of two reverberatory furnaces without using troughs.’
    • ‘A reverberating furnace with two hearths heated a roaster to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to calcine the ore.’