Definition of reveller in English:


(US reveler)


  • A person who is enjoying themselves in a lively and noisy way.

    ‘drunken revellers brawled in the town centre in the early hours’
    • ‘As the sun gets into his rhythm, there are revellers getting into the groove.’
    • ‘Many Olympic revellers will be celebrating the start of the Olympics at Athena's on the Pier.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, late afternoon sun seems to signal the coming end, as it washes over a group of revelers on a parapet celebrating the suicide of the poet Petronius.’
    • ‘Friends and family gathered and the revellers celebrated into the small hours.’
    • ‘And scores of revellers queued in the snow to join in the celebrations in packed pubs and clubs in the town centre.’
    merrymaker, partygoer, party animal, carouser, roisterer, good-time boy, good-time girl, pleasure seeker
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