Definition of revanche in English:



mass noun
  • A policy or movement aimed at achieving the return of a nation's lost territory (frequently with reference to France's desire to regain Alsace–Lorraine after its annexation in the Franco-Prussian War)

    ‘Sorel was no starry-eyed advocate of revanche in the decades following the defeat of 1871’
    • ‘France was hungry for revanche, and Britain cynically played its neighbours off against one another to achieve a ‘balance of power’.’
    • ‘In India, Warren Hastings's redoubtable defence of Clive's acquisitions staved off both French revanche and princely rebellion.’
    • ‘Moreover, the keenest supporters of revanche were mostly the republic's nationalist enemies.’
    • ‘Although the English colony in Ireland developed institutions identical with those operating both at Westminster and in the English shires, from the 1260s the settlement was forced onto the defensive by a native Irish revanche.’
    • ‘Would there be cells of unrepentant quislings seeking a Japanese revanche?’


French, literally ‘revenge’.