Definition of revaluation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of assessing the value of something again.

    ‘the investment is subject to regular revaluation’
    count noun ‘500 staff have undergone job revaluations’
    • ‘Cleaning up from drugs necessarily entails a revaluation of the spiritual facet of yourself.’
    • ‘When the revaluation of 19th-century art took place with the final recognition of the impressionists, this contrast was too blatant to be ignored.’
    • ‘He has recently written a book which is a revaluation of Nehru.’
    • ‘My aim is to revisit their insights in order to call for a renewed revaluation of polka against the continuing stereotypes that besiege it.’
    • ‘There is a free exchange of ideas, the purpose of which is to stir the mind, leading to revaluations and reconsiderations.’
    • ‘The cities we live in have unexplored parts, and the art can provide a sort of revaluation of the world.’
    • ‘Interest in women's writing is now global and represents the most significant aspect of the current revaluation of the English literary canon.’
    • ‘The horror of rootlessness in post-war Europe was understandable, but it needs revaluation in a multicultural age of out-of-body electronic experiences.’
    • ‘It is an age of fundamental religious revaluation and scientific change.’
    • ‘Their essays suggest why African Americans have special stakes in the postmodern revaluation of modern paradigms.’
    1. 1.1Economics Adjustment of the value of a currency in relation to other currencies.
      ‘China announced the revaluation of the yuan’
      • ‘The treasury secretary has spent virtually all of 2003 harping on the need for currency revaluation.’
      • ‘In 1933, with the revaluation of gold, the US monetary base rose dramatically.’
      • ‘A very small revaluation of the renminbi will not correct China's large balance-of-payments surplus.’
      • ‘One way to slow down the economy could have been a revaluation of the guilder in relation to the euro.’
      • ‘The first effect of the dollar revaluation was to put an abrupt end to the decade-long recovery of US profitability.’
      • ‘The collapse of the ERM came from the unification shock and the inability to allow a revaluation of the German mark.’
      • ‘Russia’s Reserve Fund swelled by 919 billion rubles in January due to the foreign-currency revaluation.’
      • ‘An Asian currency revaluation is not without its risks.’
      • ‘Speculation about an imminent revaluation of China's renminbi against the dollar reached a fever pitch last week in the markets.’
      • ‘Under a fixed exchange rate system, devaluation and revaluation are official changes in the value of a country's currency relative to other currencies.’