Definition of reutilize in English:


(also reutilise)


  • Utilize again or for a different purpose:

    ‘the matter eliminated by some amoebocytes was reutilized by others’
    • ‘Through a set of basic protocols or licences it hopes to create a space or a commons wherein digital content can be accessed and reutilised without fear of lawsuit.’
    • ‘While expended flake cores were often transformed into a variety of tool types, such as chisels, wedges, and scrapers, blade cores, once expended, were never reutilized or modified into tools.’
    • ‘Architects should think about the question of how buildings can be reutilized after big events such as the World Expo.’
    • ‘It is a way of implementing new technology and tools, reutilizing existing systems, and leveraging the human factor to help evolve an organization as a more successful business.’
    • ‘The fate of rubisco during leaf senescence has been intensively studied and the nitrogen from this source has been shown to be extensively reutilized in the synthesis of proteins in seeds and perennating organs.’
    • ‘It is not affected by diet, reutilized, nor degraded further.’
    • ‘The larger the nitrogen resorption efficiency is, the more nitrogen is reutilized by the plant.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that this might have reutilized the site of an earlier and less impressive theatre, but this is still speculative and awaits confirmation by further excavation.’
    • ‘Gone or forgotten is the notion of aiming for a zero-growth cycle of production and consumption, in which the majority of resources drawn from nature would eventually come to be either reutilized or returned to nature in a circular flow.’
    • ‘The frame was quoted to another supplier, but due to Tower's proximity to the plant and the fact that the vehicle was basically the same, Tower was able to reutilize some of its current assets and come in with a lower bid.’
    • ‘So, in this numerical example, I will revert to the very classical model first formulated by Tougan-Baranosky, and reutilized by Bortkiewciez and Samuelson.’