Definition of reusable in English:



  • Able to be used again or more than once.

    ‘reusable shopping bags’
    • ‘Much of the wood and obviously reusable material which would usually be dumped into landfill has been reclaimed from disused sites.’
    • ‘With $5 billion worth of gift wrap tossed in the trash each year, reusable gift bags may be an idea whose time has come.’
    • ‘They use reusable totes instead of plastic pails to store ingredients.’
    • ‘The abstracted interior landscape provided a powerful yet calm space with reusable modular elements.’
    • ‘These components are reusable building blocks for constructing software systems.’
    • ‘Some materials are more reusable than others.’
    • ‘A function is the smallest reusable unit of code consistent across several programming languages.’
    • ‘NASA has awarded contracts for the development of a new generation of reusable space vehicles.’
    • ‘The interface can be used for anything from ad hoc reporting to a reusable data bridge.’
    • ‘The more the building can be organized into discretely reusable components, the more value those elements will have in the future.’


  • 1An item which can be used again or more than once.

    ‘glass reusables cut solid waste by 88 percent’
    • ‘The group rescues up to four tons of reusables daily from the city bulldozers.’
    • ‘In the case of reusables, we don't actually reuse them very much.’
    • ‘Ceramic reusables reduced water usage by 64 percent.’
    • ‘She thinks the agency report could deter people from choosing reusables in the future.’
    • ‘As much as I despise plastic bottles, I don't use reusables because I don't want to lug around the empties.’
    • ‘I juggle my art making with time spent salvaging reusables from the landfill.’
    • ‘New vehicles are expected to be developed in the future, including a few more expendables and a new generation of reusables.’
    • ‘Disposables are good in a pinch, but reusables (you keep the handled holder, then replace blades with refill cartridges) are more Earth-friendly.’
    • ‘Reusable stainless-steel drinking straws are a practical and simple first step for anyone who wants to begin incorporating reusables into their daily life.’
    • ‘I tried one of those reusables for my runs to the store, as it holds goods better in the car, but after washing it loses its shape, and you can't wash the cardboard bottom.’
    1. 1.1 A washable nappy.
      ‘some parents opt for reusables during the day and disposables at night’
      • ‘Growing cotton for reusables is one thing, but churning out oil, plastics, and chemicals is something else entirely.’
      • ‘If one woman opts for reusables, her sisters and friends soon follow.’
      • ‘If you find your partner or childcarer is unwilling to use reusables, then try using a mixture.’
      • ‘Their advertising campaign claims that disposable nappies did no more harm to the environment than reusables.’
      • ‘She has five children, and she used disposables for her first three and reusables for her fourth and fifth.’
      • ‘Single-use diapers consume less water than reusables laundered at home, but more than those sent to a commercial diaper service.’
      • ‘Maybe a compromise is to use a biodegradable disposable at night but cloth reusables during the day.’
      • ‘With three children, he would get through 15,000 disposable nappies compared with 60 reusables.’
      • ‘This is Real Nappy Week, when we are supposed to be dumping our disposables and rushing out to buy reusables instead.’
      • ‘Most parents use disposables, but reusables have their fans.’