Definition of reupholster in English:



[with object]
  • Upholster with new materials, especially with a different covering fabric.

    ‘the bed was reupholstered in chintz’
    • ‘Ever since the big easy chair was reupholstered it's not as comfortable anymore.’
    • ‘The car is over 60 years old and while mechanically it has not been touched and can therefore still be driven, it has had to be reupholstered and the bodywork panels made secure.’
    • ‘Not only did you restuff the pillows and reupholster the armchair, but you also added an extra layer on the hollow portion on the bottom of the chair.’
    • ‘We've rewired all the electrics at ceiling height, put in a new bar floor and reupholstered.’
    • ‘The third and final step called for reupholstering the furniture using noninvasive techniques in order not to damage the fragile wood frames.’
    • ‘Have the sofa reupholstered or make some slip covers.’
    • ‘If sensitivity to horsehair is judged clinically important and horsehair is present in these forms, reupholstering with synthetic stuffing material and replacement of felt with foam pads eliminates this source of problems.’
    • ‘‘A can of paint is far cheaper than the fabric and labor to reupholster a sofa,’ says Cooper.’
    • ‘Some older pieces are also made so solidly that they can be reupholstered over and over.’
    • ‘Rather than spending a substantial financial investment for new seating, reupholstering or custom slipcovers, ready-made slipcovers offer consumers an affordable solution for a quick and stylish furnishing cover up.’
    • ‘I reupholstered a chair, redid the wood fittings and polished it.’
    • ‘I mean, we could get the old one reupholstered, but I'd really rather get rid of every sign that that man was ever in our house.’
    • ‘Those antique sheets, for instance, can be used to reupholster dining chairs; monogrammed pillowcases make elegant covers for throw pillows.’
    • ‘Another money-saving option is to buy used furniture and get it reupholstered or refinished by a carpenter.’
    • ‘We were driving the Mustang then, on our way to the orthodontist's for the first consultation, and I could smell the sweet, treated leather of the interior, which, the year before, Dad had reupholstered.’
    • ‘When it came time to reupholster furniture at Le Breau, things did not always go smoothly.’
    • ‘We also decided to get our tattered, old couch reupholstered, and I doubled our annual contribution to a local conservation group.’
    • ‘Now the Dome has been expensively reupholstered, with a very posh multiplex, the Hollywood Arclight, grafted on to it.’
    • ‘Woven blinds diffuse the sunlight, and Fiona has paired a slate-topped table from Habitat with simple wooden chairs from Argos, which she had reupholstered in suede-effect fabric.’
    • ‘Jesberg reupholstered it in vertical stripes and welting (cording covered in fabric) to sharpen and slim its outline.’