Definition of returning officer in English:

returning officer


  • (in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) the official in each constituency or electorate who conducts an election and announces the result.

    • ‘Klengenberg's firm, Aarluk Consulting, will hire 43 deputy returning officers and 19 poll clerks to help run the election.’
    • ‘Local returning officers would be contacted to ensure the election goes smoothly, he added.’
    • ‘‘Ever after that all returning officers will always make sure they check their result with the tallyman,’ he said.’
    • ‘There were a total of 28 local returning officers working on the local and European elections, and the referendum.’
    • ‘One Yorkshire election officer said: ‘Acting returning officers are already dealing with tens of thousands of postal votes in a very small time window.’’
    • ‘For the next election, Kusugak said she would like to develop better training materials for returning officers.’
    • ‘Greene was the national returning officer for referendums and was responsible for the general management of all elections.’
    • ‘As soon as practicable after each nomination paper has been delivered, the returning officer shall examine it and decide whether the candidate has been validly nominated.’
    • ‘The briefing session was attended by elected representatives, returning officers, local authority representatives and local interest groups from Laois, Kildare, Carlow and Wicklow.’
    • ‘However, Mr Rogerson insisted that if the necessary funding was provided he was confident ‘that returning officers across the region will make sure that the arrangements will be convenient to voters and fully understood by them’.’
    • ‘In that connection he relied on the provision of Rule 13 obliging the returning officer to eliminate the lowest candidate and distribute his votes.’
    • ‘The short, 35-day campaign period starts Jan. 12, when candidates may start submitting nomination papers to returning officers in Nunavut's 19 constituencies.’
    • ‘Mr Allen criticised the fact that returning officers were left to explain differences between the number of votes tallied by voting machines and the returning officers in e-voting trial constituencies in 2002.’
    • ‘Mr Leslie said returning officers were confident they could manage to arrange postal ballots in the timescale for the elections on June 10 and the Royal Mail and police were committed to it.’
    • ‘Some returning officers who oversee elections have privately bought premises to store the machines.’
    • ‘No one knows how many students were unable to vote, and did not contact the chief returning officer, but these students could have influenced the results of the election.’
    • ‘A report will be tabled by the chief returning officer in the January council meeting, at which point recommendations will be tabled for changes to the referendum process.’
    • ‘Kusugak said that by the end of the day on Feb. 12, it's likely that many more people will have cast ballots at the offices of returning officers.’
    • ‘Parliamentary returns from Norfolk and Suffolk are fairly detailed, compared to those for most other counties; they provide not only the names of M.P.s but also those of the returning officers of the towns.’
    • ‘He said the information was based on returning officers ' reports released under Freedom of Information legislation.’


returning officer