Definition of returning boomerang in English:

returning boomerang


  • A boomerang which is designed to return to the thrower.

    ‘two icons of Aboriginal culture are the curved returning boomerang and the didgeridoo’
    • ‘A returning boomerang is made to spin through the air in a curve and return to the thrower.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the non-return boomerang is aerodynamically more complex than the returning boomerang.’
    • ‘The returning boomerang is one of the wonders of human ingenuity.’
    • ‘Inexperienced throwers can be clobbered by their returning boomerang.’
    • ‘There are 3,300-year-old returning boomerangs in Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt.’
    • ‘So what makes a returning boomerang come back?’
    • ‘Traditionally, returning boomerangs are lightweight and made of wood.’
    • ‘There is some conjecture that returning boomerangs could have been used for flushing certain game.’
    • ‘In south-eastern Australia in particular, returning boomerangs were used to hunt waterbirds.’
    • ‘Most scholars believe that returning boomerangs didn't serve much of a functional purpose in hunting.’