Definition of retrotransposon in English:



  • A transposon whose sequence shows homology with that of a retrovirus.

    • ‘Distribution and transposition of endogenous retrotransposon sequences may contribute to the organization of genome structure and evolution, but this remains purely speculative.’
    • ‘Nucleotide sequence changes in the two termini of individual retrotransposons were used to date their time of insertion.’
    • ‘More recently, specific subsets of repetitive DNA, such as retrotransposons, have been shown to comprise a high percentage of the repetitive DNA of plants.’
    • ‘Kalendar et al. found that the number of copies of a long terminal repeat retrotransposon BARE - 1, that is present in all Hordeum species, was clearly correlated with altitude in the canyon.’
    • ‘Its genome size might have increased as assumed, decreased or remained the same subject only to genomic turnover, with new retrotransposon families replacing old ones or other secondary DNA.’