Definition of retrospect in English:



  • A survey or review of a past course of events or period of time.

    ‘a full retrospect of the battle’
    • ‘The subject of this research was a retrospect of events, which happened during the thirties and first half of the forties (20th century).’
    • ‘Only a tiny fragment of the age is treated here and the retrospect is fairly myopic.’
    • ‘The play is a retrospect, an incomplete remembrance of a summer some 40 years past, trivia recalled, major events trivialized.’
    • ‘As most of the passengers were settling down, Elf began a retrospect of the events of the past months.’
    • ‘If this doctrine be correct, it should be borne out by a retrospect of history.’


  • in retrospect

    • When looking back on a past event or situation; with hindsight.

      ‘perhaps, in retrospect, I shouldn't have gone’
      • ‘He's fat, he drinks, he swears, sometimes he waves a pistol around; but in retrospect, life with Nigel seems a golden age.’
      • ‘You wonder if perhaps, in retrospect, he wished he had stayed in the wings.’
      • ‘Gradually I began to regain my calm, and the whole adventure seemed dim and almost humorous in retrospect.’
      • ‘Of course teenage ennui is deliciously enjoyable - but only in retrospect.’
      • ‘Yet in retrospect, it is clear that problems were arising even then.’
      • ‘Is there anything about it that you would have done differently, in retrospect?’
      • ‘Looking back at my junior high years, most of the things that felt like a big deal at the time seem trivial in retrospect.’
      • ‘As economists and traders would agree, the most accurate insight into trends is viewed in retrospect.’
      • ‘It was only in retrospect that her school years seemed dull.’
      • ‘The balance is just right and in retrospect, it seems bizarre that this film was in danger of not being released after current events over the past few years.’
      looking back, thinking back, on reflection, on re-examination, in hindsight, with hindsight
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Early 17th century: from retro- ‘back’, on the pattern of the noun prospect.