Definition of retroreflector in English:



  • A device which reflects light back along the incident path, irrespective of the angle of incidence.

    • ‘Ringed by footprints, sitting in the moondust, lies a 2-foot wide panel studded with 100 mirrors pointing at Earth: the ‘lunar laser ranging retroreflector array.’’
    • ‘After collimation, the central part of the measurement beam travels to the target retroreflector through an annular mirror that returns the outer annulus of the beam, which acts as the reference.’
    • ‘The corner-cube retroreflectors can be molded in the mouse, or micro-corner-cube retroreflective sheeting can be die cut and attached.’
    • ‘Taking advantage of the fact that license plates are retroreflectors, Coulter applied quarter-wave plates designed for 820-nm operation to the license-plate surface.’
    • ‘During the 4 ½ hour spacewalk, ISS commander Gennady Padalka and ISS Flight Engineer Mike Fincke removed old laser retroreflectors and installed new ones together with a videometer target assembly.’