Definition of retrogradely in English:



  • See retrograde

    • ‘If the pathway conducts only retrogradely, the electrocardiogram in sinus rhythm will be normal and the pathway is said to be ‘concealed’.’
    • ‘A meshwork of actin polymerizes at the leading edge and flows retrogradely toward the cell body.’
    • ‘The left atrium can be accessed either retrogradely via the aortic valve, by flexing the catheter tip through the mitral valve, or transeptally across the atrial septum.’
    • ‘The balloon is usually introduced retrogradely via the femoral artery and passed across the aortic valve.’
    • ‘HSV - 1 also retrogradely infects neurons in both the peripheral and the central nervous system through the nerve terminals innervating the peripheral tissues.’