Definition of retroelement in English:



  • A sequence of DNA in a chromosome that arose by the copying of an RNA virus into DNA by reverse transcriptase and integration of the DNA copy into the chromosome.

    • ‘As the analysis of retroelements continues, not only their abundance in genomes, but also the great plasticity apparent in their structure is becoming clearer.’
    • ‘The molecular organization of both tandem repeats and retroelements into specific chromosomal regions, as revealed by sequencing and FISH analysis, allows cursory insight into the organization of the soybean genome.’
    • ‘Seitz et al. observed that, in mice, certain microRNAs were transcribed only in the maternal genome while a homologous retroelement was transcribed only in the paternal genome.’
    • ‘In tomato and other plant species, greatly reduced rates of recombination are observed near and on centromeric regions and in retroelements, transposons, and other highly repetitive regions.’
    • ‘Recent genome sequence analyses have shown the quantitative importance of retroelements.’