Definition of retroactivity in English:



  • See retroactive

    • ‘In any event, most of the dispute relates to the issue of retroactivity and whether demands for financial assistance were made before the official request.’
    • ‘In so far as these decisions appear to extend the statutory wording, are they objectionable on grounds of retroactivity and lack of fair warning, or defensible as applications of existing common law doctrine to new situations?’
    • ‘Apparent retroactivity covers the situation where legislative acts are applied to events which occurred in the past, but which have not yet been definitively concluded.’
    • ‘The prohibition on retroactivity of laws finds early expression in the Constitution of the United States 1787 and in the earlier Declarations of Rights adopted by various North American colonies.’
    • ‘The Respondent has more income available to him than at the time of the original order and no longer has a spousal support obligation so I do not see retroactivity as an unfair extra burden.’