Definition of retroactively in English:



  • With effect from a date in the past.

    ‘the new rates will apply retroactively from January 1’
    • ‘Even his later eminence couldn't turn him retroactively into a cult figure.’
    • ‘The board will apply this position for all tax years retroactively.’
    • ‘Up the road is a 1930s Atlanta soda fountain that has been retroactively desegregated.’
    • ‘The programme, which had expired 31 December 2003, will be extended retroactively from that date to 31 December 2005.’
    • ‘The exemptions were extended retroactively to cover many investments made during the period in which the incentive had been eliminated.’
    • ‘Once a suspect is identified, people retroactively interpret incidents to support the new accusation.’
    • ‘It's an outcome with which many of these politicians are far from unhappy, as it retroactively justifies their own bad behavior.’
    • ‘Once the budget is passed, all payments will be made retroactively.’
    • ‘The court orders an increase in his government pension, to be carried out retroactively.’
    • ‘This will apply retroactively to former users of the service.’