Definition of retroactive interference in English:

retroactive interference

(also retroactive inhibition)


mass nounPsychology
  • The tendency of later learning to hinder the memory of previously learned material.

    • ‘Allan Baddeley demonstrated an interesting example of retroactive interference in everyday life events.’
    • ‘It has been demonstrated that misleading statements from an interviewer can impair children's ability to remember event details in a process know as retroactive interference.’
    • ‘Retroactive interference occurs when previously learned information is lost because it is mixed up with new and somewhat similar information.’
    • ‘Errors in a previously learned task caused by learning of new associations with similar stimuli, termed retroactive interference (RI), is thought to be a major cause of forgetting in humans and other animals.’
    • ‘Similarly, posthypnotic amnesia does not affect retroactive inhibition or savings in relearning.’